Most entrepreneurs don’t understand the 3 Fundamental Pillars of the Internet Marketing Funnel.

One of the most painful mistakes that entrepreneurs make is that they try to re-invent the wheel and innovate their own marketing funnel.

Not because there is a need to, it’s because their ego tells them to do so.

Entrepreneurs crave for significance and sometimes their need to feel significant can get in the way of having certainty in business and in their life.

This is kinda similar to the number 1 mistake which is not getting professional help. (If you didn’t read it yet, then check my profile)
It is much smarter to model your marketing based on proven frameworks and other successful campaigns from your competitors and similar industries.

“If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do, and you’ll achieve the same results”, says Tony Robbins, New York Times Best-Selling Author, and World Renowned Business Strategist.

You might have heard the term “funnel hacking” from Russell Brunson, the founder of ClickFunnels.
Funnel hacking is a tactical process to learn and build marketing funnels based on your competitor’s funnels.


There is something that these so-called “funnel hackers” miss. I’ll tell you more about that shortly…

Read on…

We live in a more comfortable world now, with tools like ClickFunnels to quickly build websites, funnels, and landing pages…

And with advertising platforms like Facebook Ads to laser target and attract the relevant people to our websites, funnels, and landing pages.

During the times of direct-response back in the 1970s, a typical marketing campaign takes months of planning and thousands of dollars to mail out.

And another few months to reconcile the results from the campaign and assess the profitability.

Now with the power of the internet and these tools, it costs ZERO dollars or a few hundred dollars to test a marketing campaign and only a few hours or days to see the results to roll in.

Living in this era also has its cons…

We tend to ignore the fundamentals easily…

This is what these funnel hackers miss as well. They don’t consider the fundamentals of market positioning and messaging when funnel hacking.

Thus, even though they modeled a competitor’s funnel, they still won’t see similar results.

They don’t see similar success like their competitors… I’ll tell you why, but let’s go back in time again…

During the direct response times, marketers and copywriters spent many months in market research and testing the profit-market fit.

They had to understand their prospective customer’s emotional needs, worldviews, and validate their messaging before they sent the mass postal mails out or before they advertised it in a magazine or newspaper.

They spent months on research because the cost of failure could be in hundreds if not millions of dollars. So they had to be damn sure.

Thankfully, the cost of failure is not in the hundreds of thousands or millions in the online marketing world.

But, it does cost enough to sting a small business owner with limited funds. Apart from money it also requires energy and tests the resilience of entrepreneurs.

Loss of energy and mental resilience is one of the reasons entrepreneurs and small business owners give up online marketing and go back to focus on hustling. Some even give up on their business being unable to make it work.

Funnel hacking could give the funnel hackers a similar funnel, like their competitors…

But it doesn’t guarantee success…

Because, if the message in those pages is not relevant and doesn’t resonate to the prospective customers, if the copy does not convey the uniqueness, and if the message is not compelling for the prospects to take action, then the campaign will fail.

But you are in a better place because that’s what you will work on when you define your own Market Positioning Pentagon.

You gather the resources to create compelling marketing messages and sales copy. You collect the resources to be relevant to your leads and prospects. You will learn your customer’s emotions and world-view so that you can empathize with them.

There are three fundamental pillars of an online marketing funnel. They are:

  1. Attract
  2. Connect
  3. Convert

First, You need a medium to reach and ATTRACT the attention of your ideal customers.

Second, You need a strategic process to build a relationship, the know-like-trust factor through engaging and educating, and CONNECT with the prospect.

Third, you need a method to CONVERT them into a paying customer or client.

Almost all of the online marketing tactics that you have heard of fall into one of these three fundamental pieces.

Example Attraction Tactics:
* Facebook Ads
* Adwords
* Website
* Landing Pages
* Blog
* Medium
* LinkedIn
* Facebook
* Twitter
* Pinterest
* Solo Ads
* JVs
* Influencers

Example Connection Tactics:
* Lead Magnets
* Product Launch Formula ™️
* Email Marketing
* Soap Opera Sequence ™️
* Facebook / Messenger Bots

Example Conversion Tactics:
* Webinars
* Seminars
* Phone Call
* Consultation Session
* Sales Pages
* Video Sales Letters
* Sales Funnels

Doing all or any of the above and spending money on marketing before you have the Market Positioning Pentagon defined and before understanding the fundamentals of a marketing funnel is as if throwing that money down the drain.

The Market Positioning Pentagon is a critical framework for your business and marketing. It’s the heart of your business.

The Market Positioning Pentagon lets you focus on the right things that appeal to your Customer and lets you have the unfair advantage over your competition.

If you have already done any of the tactics without understanding the fundamentals and not seen a profit yet, then I don’t blame you.

I blame the fake gurus or the slimy salespeople who didn’t ensure that you understood the fundamentals before selling you the courses, or ad campaigns.

But, let’s forget and forgive. And not get stuck in the past. Shall we?

Let us focus on the future of your business…

The only thing you need to build up now is hope.

Hope that you can be a market leader, Hope that you will be successful, Hope that you too can have a marketing system that works,

Hope that it’s not the end of the tunnel if you have failed before.

Effective Marketing is not complicated when you learn the fundamentals I teach in the Market Positioning Pentagon and define your Market Positioning Pentagon.

I have taken the responsibility to make it easy and simplify it for you. So that you don’t get overwhelmed.

Also, I am putting together a workbook to go along with the Market Positioning Pentagon so that you can immediately take action to define this for your business.