1. Not including a Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions on your landing page/website.

At least get a templated version and modify it according to how
you use your data. Don’t copy and paste someone else’s policies.

You can easily Google for privacy policy and T&C templates…

2. The content of your ad text, image, video, and landing page

If you have one of the following, then you have a HIGH chance of getting your ad account shut down:

– Racist remarks
– Provocation
– Too much information
– Too confusing
– Too irrelevant to the target audience
– Copying competitor ads
– Too clickbaity / disruptive to grab attention
– Landing page uses popups and autoplay videos

Eg. Using racist remarks, or telling them how ugly they are without your product, or telling them their life sucks without your course

3. Advertising something that’s in Facebook’s Prohibited Content / Restricted Content.

Follow their updated ads policy to the T. It’s in plain English, no legal mumbo-jumbo so don’t worry!


Account shutdowns are mostly done by bots/automated algorithms. Only when you appeal, a real person MAY look into your account and pages.

And that could take several days to get your account back. So just in case shit hits the fan, you have a backup to run on.

Always have 2 or 3 ad accounts in your arsenal. And install pixels from 2 or 3 different ad accounts for your pages.

You can create additional ad accounts in your business manager at business.facebook.com.

Ahmed Muzammil

PS: Do you have anything to add? Comment below…