1. Don’t overthink it – Matthew Santoro
    • Pick up your phone and start recording your first video
    • You don’t need fancy equipment as the current phones can record good 4K videos
    • Talk about whatever you want to talk about
    • Use apps like iMovie, CapCut, and InShot to edit videos and add transitions
  2. Pick what you love – Michael McCrudden
    • Be true to yourself and do what you love doing.
    • It’s a long journey so you shouldn’t feel sick about doing what you are doing.
    • Find your passion, find your speciality, and uniqueness and stick to it.
  3. You don’t need a lot of subscribers, find a smaller group of subscribers who love what you produce – Sam Sutherland
    • You don’t need millions of subscribers to make a living from YouTube.
    • There are tons of people doing the same stuff – like makeup tutorials, unboxing videos.
    • Think about why would someone want to watch your channel instead of the rest of the videos.
  4. Consistency is key – Amanda Each Lee
    • Lots of people starting out get impatient as they don’t see results with their first few videos.
    • The key is to keep going and keep publishing videos.
    • Amanda took about four years to see success with her channel.
    • If patience isn’t your cup of tea then YouTube isn’t for you.
  5. Make it sustainable – Hydraulic Press Channel
    • If it takes a long time to make each video then it will eventually become unmanageable.
    • Look for a sustainable way to make videos that’s repeatable and could be automated or outsourced to an extent.
  6. The power of vulnerability – Shalom Blac
    • Be vulnerable of your faults, creed, caste, or race, and use it as your strength.
    • Talking about specific challenges about your community might attract the right audience for you.
    • Shalom is a burns surviver and she started her YouTube channel about how to effectively conceal her scars. That made her successful to the extent of more than 1.3m subscribers.
  7. Don’t post your first 15 videos – Molly Burke
    • When you start recording first, it’ll be awkward.
    • After a few videos, you get comfortable with your voice and yourself in front of the camera.
    • Molly says that you’d thank her later if you don’t post your first 15 videos and post only your 16th. As that’ll be the best first video of yours.
  8. Get a dog – Drew Lynch
    • Get a co-host – just to make it interesting – could be a dog or any other pet.
  9. Laugh at yourself – Adrianna and Sarah
    • Try to find ways to laugh at yourself along with your friends and your community.
    • Of course, don’t be mean!
  10. Test test test – Laurie Shannon
    • Don’t assume – just test
    • Don’t wait to publish – just publish with a test
    • Test the following:
      1. Styles of content
      2. Thumbnails
      3. Titles
    • Laurie says that testing is what grew her channel from 80k subscribers to 2.5m in a year and a half.
      • Laurie runs a baking channel.
      • She tested 10 or 15 thumbnails and found that the colour yellow and cakes with faces did better.
      • She also tests different titles like ‘How to Make a Bunny Cake’ vs ‘The Cutest Bunny Cake that Hopped off the Table’
  11. Don’t pigeonhole yourself – Shan Boody
    • Don’t restrict yourself to a certain category or topic. Be creative and find different ways to tell the same story.
  12. Be controversial – Mori
    • Don’t be afraid to offend people. It could make you stand out.
    • Tie in a bit of humour to make your opinions subtle.
    • Mz’s Note: @JustDestiny has changed to @mori and he is a pretty controversial person making too much controversial content. It’s a risky approach if you aren’t able to handle the repercussions of doing such controversial content.
  13. Make it relatable – Christian LeBlanc
    1. What does your audience want?
    2. How can you both entertain and inspire?
    3. How can you include them in your journey?
    4. How can you inspire them to follow your path?
  14. Don’t speak – Buttered Side Down
    • Make visual content so that there are no language barriers.
  15. Themes are magic – Rich Ferguson
    • Don’t dilute too much. Make the videos in your channel relatable. Focus on a theme.
  16. Maximise evergreen videos – Jordan Page
    • Don’t make seasonal content – make evergreen content that people can refer all year round.
    • eg. “My Favourite Slow Cooker Recipes” vs “My Favourite Fall Recipes”
  17. Collect your cavalcade of characters – Brandon Rogers
    • Find a crew that can be your family and work together to make it successful.
  18. Break it to remake it – Grant Thompson
    • If your content starts to feel stale, then it’s OK to shake things up and change.
    • Don’t be afraid of making a change.
    • Changes bring growth to you.
    • Detach yourself emotionally and say to yourself. “Here’s the right thing to do, and I’m gonna do it!”
    • Don’t hold yourself back.
  19. Commit to the process – Casually Explained
    • Just because someone dislikes your video, doesn’t mean that dislike you.
    • Use every video as an opportunity to improve upon.
    • Disconnect yourself from the dislikes and instead revise your methodology.
    • Commit to the process. The focus should be about making the best content you possibly can.
  20. Say Yes – Yes Theory
    • Say Yes to serendipity
    • Say Yes to trying new things
    • Even if you are hesitant to do a particular topic, Say Yes to it and just do it!!
  21. So nice you could do it twice – Planet Dolan
    • Create a second channel if you have significantly different topics to talk about.
    • eg. Gaming and Educational
  22. Make it visual – Daniela Andrade
    • Have strong, appealing visual content. YouTube is a visual medium.
    • Take advantage of the magic of ordinary moments and make it appealing.
  23. Collaborate – Onision
    • Connect with other YouTubers and ask to work with them.
    • Get creative with how you work across different channels.
    • Better than the YouTube algorithm, making friends with famous YouTubers could help your channel to explode.
  24. Run it like a company – Gizzy Gazza
    • Delegate the work. Don’t do everything yourself.
    • Have an editor – it could save a lot of time.
    • Mz’s Note: Make processes that anyone can follow and outsource if needed.
  25. Perfect the prank – Kate Martineau
    • If you are doing prank videos, then make sure the person in the prank video is OK with it afterwards.
    • If they don’t like it, don’t post it, just ditch it.
    • Sometimes pranks go sour, and that can be a shock. Sit down, talk, and decide how to take it forward.
  26. Choreograph the shot – Lily Hevesh
    1. Plan your shots ahead – think like a scriptwriter and write down every shot in detail. Run through it a couple of times before going for the shoot. It helps.
  27. Do your research – Preston
    • Pick 50 YouTube channels at a time and research them – Often the simplest answer is the right one.
      1. Why are they getting views?
      2. What are they doing?
      3. How are they separating themselves from the pack?
      4. What’s their secret sauce?
    • Don’t copy them, but make them your own.
    • Just digest as much YouTube content as you can so you really live and breathe it.
    • Time spent researching is time well spent.
  28. Find your format – Doug DeMuro
    • Keep an ear out for audience feedback.
    • You have to find a format that works for your videos. You eventually will find a template that works for you.
  29. Don’t burn out – Amie
    • Some of them feel they let everyone down if they take a break from making videos, but there is no shame in that.
    • It’s a full-time job, and when you vote everything to your channel and keeping your audience happy, it’s easy to get exhausted.
    • Take a break when necessary. It’s ok!
    • Some of your best ideas come when you take a break.
  30. Attract attention immediately – HOWTOCAKEIT
    • In the first five seconds, you’ve got to attract the viewer’s attention.
    • HowToCakeIt shows close-ups of their cakes to grab people right out of the gate.
    • eg. You wanna see a cake that looks like a human heart? Sure you do! – with a strong visual
  31. Promote a product, but make it entertaining – VAT19
    • Make everything interesting even a gummy worm.
    • People like to watch VAT19 commercials as it’s fun to watch
  32. Try Instagram first – Jessica Vill
    • It’s easier to get discovered because of the Explore page
    • It helps to increase your fanbase first before jumping to YouTube
    • It’s easier to experiment on Instagram
  33. Listen to your gut – Lauren Toyota
    • Ask yourself, ‘Am I creating for me or am I creating for you?’
    • You need both, in balance.
    • If you record something and it feels wrong or weird in your gut when you watch it, don’t post it.
  34. Search and you will find – JumpRopeDudes
    • Use YouTube search bar to find new topics and inspiration from existing videos.
    • eg. how to jump rope …
      1. … like a boxer
      2. … for weight loss
      3. … for beginners
  35. Shoot overhead – Amy Tangerine
    • Overhead videos are great to showcase your creative ideas and projects.
    • You don’t even have to show your face or put on makeup.
    • Just make sure you have a decent manicure and that your hands are clean.
    • You need the right setup though.
      1. Desk Tripods (Arkon Mounts)
      2. A ring light
      3. A softbox
  36. Drop a season – King Vader
    • You can drop a bunch of videos in one go, instead of busting out a video every day.
    • Make it like an album or a season of a TV Series.
    • That way you can take your time, which helps you make high-quality content instead of getting caught in the trap of quantity.
    • Deliver 5 quality videos than 30 average ones.
  37. Reward your core audience – Matt Granite
    • Don’t do giveaways on YouTube. You’ll just get a bunch of teenagers looking for free stuff in your audience.
    • People just skip to the part of the giveaway and you get a junk audience.
    • Rather reward your buyers. Eventhough they might be small, they are worth your effort. They are your core audience.
  38. Challenge yourself – Nicolette Gray
    • People love watching challenge videos
    • Examples
      • shoot a video with really long nails
      • live on $10 a day
      • do a 24-hour shopping challenge
  39. Keep it clean – Nick Drossos
    • Using the F word, and B word makes you look lame, aggressive, trashy, and unprofessional.
    • If you want to be taken seriously. You should clean up your act.
    • You don’t need to swear and scream to get your message across.
    • Have a positive attitude, positive image, and you’ll appeal to more people.
  40. Please yourself first – Bad Lip Reading
    • You can’t appeal to everyone.
    • Focus on making content that you yourself respond to.
    • Trust that like minded people will find it.
    • Even if people don’t watch your video, you should be proud of your creations.
    • It keeps you motivated to make more videos.
  41. Keep going, no matter what – Aileen Xu
    • YouTube is a long game.
    • Have patience and persevere.
    • Nothing is guaranteed.
    • Most people don’t make it because they don’t see the results within the time they set for themselves.
    • Failure is when you give up.
    • You have to be willing to work for years without reward.
    • Keep creating, eventually it’ll happen.
  42. Dip the broccoli in chocolate — Davey Wavey
    • Your message is the broccoli.
    • If you just convey the broccoli without the seasoning, nobody’s gonna like it.
    • Season it. Yet, coat it with chocolate so your message is embedded in something interesting.
  43. Make a channel trailer – Diana Madison
    • Summarise your channel in less than three minutes
      1. Tell them the upload schedule.
      2. Give them a reason to stay and watch more and, to subscribe.
      3. You have to give people the feeling that they are part of your world.
  44. Illustrate to explain – Greg and Mitch – ASAPSCIENCE
    • ASAPScience makes illustrated explainer videos.
    • One of the reasons they are successful is because there is no face and that makes it easier for them to keep the audience’s attention.
    • Illustrations make complex subjects easy to understand with simple visuals and keep your audience.
    • You’ll have fans because they love your content rather than loving you as a personality.
  45. Search out trends – Haley Pham
    • Ride on the trends.
    • Steal like an artist!
    • But don’t blatantly copy.
    • Save being original for when you have an audience.