From Struggling Wantrepreneur To Six Figure Marketing Consultant & Business Coach


I built my first website when I was 12 years old.

When I was 14, I started ran a small consulting business when I was in school and college. 

I worked for some of the Top IT services companies in the world – such as Tata Consultancy Services after I finished college

Got interested in learning what makes successful businesses what they are. I started learning about Processes and Systems. 

I have a knack for being resourceful and helping others maximise their potential with what they already have. 

I won multiple Awards for Service Quality, Delivery Excellence, and Technical Excellence as a Technology Consultant working for companies like Singapore Airlines, Bank of Singapore, and Bank Julius Baer.

I have also helped Small and Medium businesses helping them implement systems and processes to help them get more leads and clients using online marketing and marketing automation.


Years ago,  I failed in trying to start a technology startup, Lost a lot of money, and deteriorated health-wise, got depressed in the process.

I was weighing 280 lbs (127 KG) at the peak of my lowest point. 

After that, I wanted to make a change in my life and gain my mojo back. I tried many things, Crash Diets, GM diet, and eventually concluded that nothing was sustainable.

From my bad experience, I learned that I can’t do everything by myself and that I have to be strategic in whatever I do.

I understood the power and strength of having a coach by my side. Someone who has been there and done that and someone who has a lot more experience in that particular area.

I found a fitness coach and I started working with him.

As a result, I was able to lose weight and sustain the weight loss as well.

It was tough and it took me a year but slowly in the process, I gave up Sugar, Coke, and other Fast Foods and started eating healthier foods.

As a result… I lost 48.5 lbs (22 kgs). I was in the best shape of my life and guess what that improved my situation financially, my relationship with my wife and kids was the best and I was happier overall.

This taught me a lesson in taking the right action and the need to have a coach to guide me and get me through the ups and downs in my journey.



The core issue for me was not that I didn’t follow a diet or I didn’t exercise. The core issue was me was I was drinking 2 cokes a day, and I ate McDonald’s for breakfast and dinner, and I had a sweet tooth. Anything, cakes, chocolate, it’s my game.

  • If I didn’t give up Sugar, Coke, and Fast Foods – I could have lost weight by doing other diets and exercises. But I would have gained it back.
  • It was one of the biggest successes for me. As I became very active, and happy because I lost weight and I was looking great. I became my best self.
  • Since 2015, I started reading and listening to books, I read or listened to over 100 books in the last 2 years. I lost count!!
  • I recognized that to be a great business person, I have to be great at Sales and Marketing. Even though I invested a lot in courses and books, I still wasn’t able to “produce” anything in sales…

Thus, I decided to work with two coaches, one who taught me Sales and another who taught me Marketing.

As a result, I made over $100,000 in sales over a period of 18 months since I started a new business!


  • It took me 3 months of constant hustling, iterating, and market research to get my first sale, and haven’t looked back since.
  • According to Gallup strengths test, my biggest strength is Connectedness. I can learn a lot of stuff and break it and connect them together to form a simpler process. And one of my other strengths is Maximizer. I can find the potential in someone and help them maximize it.
  • Thus, I decided that this is what I want to do. I decided and have laid the foundation to create over a million entrepreneurs who can become financially-free and debt-free without relying on a 9-5 day job. That is what I wanted.

I have helped multiple clients make over 5 figures and 6 figures combined through my marketing system. My aim is to help another 8 clients make 5 figures in the next 6 months.

Perhaps you’re next?

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