If you need just a website like a business card, to show off that you have a business to your friends, colleagues, and while networking. You are better off using a free website editor such as Wix.com Squarespace.com or strikingly.com to put up information about your business online. They are free or come for a meagre cost.

If you are an entrepreneur who thinks in the bigger picture, You should understand that a website is just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to online marketing which can get leads and sales for a business. I’ve been building websites and coding for the past 18+ years. I know how to do it right.

What I focus on is to get some quick returns on the investment that you make in online marketing. Most entrepreneurs don’t understand the fundamentals of online marketing and end up spending a lot of money on a website or SEO or on Facebook Ads for example.

Which probably ends up as flushing money down the drain. You need a website that implements a strategic marketing funnel that can turn visitors into qualified leads and produce sales for your business. Such websites don’t cost an arm and leg. In fact, these are to be considered an investment instead of a cost.

If you want a strategic marketing funnel that can position you as a market leader, and pull in leads and sales through online marketing, then you are at the right place. Apply to work with me here: https://ahmedmuzammil.com/apply